At Coventry City Mission there are currently three main ways that you can help us:


Thank you to all of you who pray for us, and our work, we very much feel lifted by your prayers and are very grateful for your support. Please continue with your prayers, especially in a releasing of necessary funds and in the protection for the CCM team and their families.

We send a regular prayer email which will report on answers to prayer as well as being more specific in things you can pray for. This is sent out twice a month and will be limited to a couple of paragraphs. If you would like to receive this please email me at and we will add you to the list.
Invite a member of the CCM team to speak at your church service or group meeting so we can share a little about our work and help you be more specific in your prayers.


Virtually all of our projects can only run with the physical support of our volunteers, do you have a few hours each week, or month where you could volunteer for one of our projects?
Please send us an e-mail , message us on facebook or phone 024 7661 5931 for further details.

With a decrease in available funding comes the obvious need for an increase in finding other sources of income. Whilst CCM have always tried to be good stewards of its funds by keeping costs at a minimum we are in a situation that simply to maintain our current projects we need to increase our income, based on last year, by 10%.

The reality is we need the help of our supporters if we are to be able to keep on with our work. We are actively seeking support from grant making trusts and other groups and churches, but inevitably it is individual support that will underpin the work of CCM.

  • If we could grow the number of people who support CCM with a small but regular donation, the day-to-day work would be much more secure and make planning more achievable. We currently have around 80 people who give regularly, if we could get another 100 people to support us at varying amounts from £5 -£50 per month we would be looking at an increase over the year of around £25,000 (with Gift Aid) Do you feel led to support CCM in this way?

  • Would you like to sponsor a specific project/team member with a one-off or regular gift? Is your heart for evangelism, older people or supporting young families in need? Your money will go directly to funding that project and its team.

  • Could you encourage your church to support the work of CCM maybe with a donation via your gift day or you could make us your 'Mission organisation' to our city?

  • You can also support CCM without actually costing you a thing. Do you have any clothes that you could donate to our Turnaround second hand clothes shop? Could your church have a 'Spring clean Sunday' where the congregation could donate their unwanted clothes. Contact me for more details.

If you would like to give to Coventry City Mission, an easy way to do so is by using the JustGiving web site.

Friends of CCM can now give by sending a text message from their mobile phone via JUSTTEXTGIVING.

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Regular giving using a standing order is very helpful indeed.

Your gift is even more valuable to us if you are a tax payer and can send us a Gift Aid declaration form. With this we can reclaim from the Chancellor of the Exchequer 25p for every £1 donated.

To download the relevant forms click on Standing Order or Gift Aid

In closing, I want to thank you for reading this artice and for your support of our work. Please pray for us at this time - for the protection of all the team, that we may be able to continue the essential projects we run and that we find the funding to make all this possible.

I truly feel God is bringing forward workers to offer His 'Good News' at a time when others can only offer bad. Will you stand with us?

In Him

Darren Burgess