Baby Basics is not operating for the next six months. Any returns please contact Maggie at CCM, Deedmore Road on 02476 615931

What is Baby Basics? Baby Basics is a project that provides quality baby equipment and toys on a loan and return basis to families in Coventry. Our equipment and toys are suitable for children aged from birth to 3 years. We also have available a supply of baby clothes and essential baby toiletries.
baby equipment

Who is the service for?

The service is suitable for families with children aged from birth - 3 years who live in the City of Coventry and require good quality baby equipment on a rental basis. Accessing the service is open to everyone whether they are in receipt of state benefit or paid employment.

If you don't have a permanent address in Coventry we may still be able to help you as we have links with other agencies in the City.

What do I need to do to join the project?

Pay a £1 membership fee to join.
Provide 2 forms of identification either photo ID, passport or driving licence, AND a gas/electricity bill, housing benefit letter, or child benefit letter.
Pay a refundable deposit of between £5 - £30 depending on item(s) you want to borrow.
Sign a loan form to say you agree with the rental terms and conditions.
Contact the project every 3 months to renew the rental agreement or to tell us about any changes to your details.

What happens when I no longer need the equipment?

Return the item(s) to us.
Depending on the item(s) you have borrowed make sure you return it with all its parts e.g. nuts/bolts/screws, raincover, cosy-toes.
Make sure the item(s) is not damaged and is in good working order.
We will refund your deposit in full.
We reserve the right to withhold all or part of a deposit for item(s) that are not in good condition when returned.

How much deposit will I have to pay if I want to borrow more than one item?

Each item is priced separately and a deposit will be required per item.
No single item will cost more than £30.
Prices range from £5 - £30 eg. A double pushchair & cot would require a total deposit of £60.

If I just want to borrow toys do I still have to pay a deposit?

No, a deposit is not required for toy rental however the £1 membership fee is still payable.
Rental of toys is on a 3 weekly basis.
You can access the toy rental service as often as you like

Do you provide other services for families in need?

Yes, we are able to offer other services, Baby Basics is part of Coventry City Mission an organisation that provides support to families in a variety of ways such as:

Listening, Prayer and Helpline support service.
Food parcels (by agency referral)
A lunch club for the elderly
A shop and cafe open to all twice a week
For more information about these and other services we provide please call 024 7661 5931 or visit

I have equipment I no longer need would I be able to donate it to your project?

Yes, we have a stock of second hand items that we pass on to needy families.
Any equipment items donated to us must be in good working order and not more than 10 years old.
We reserve the right to refuse items that are not suitable.
We also accept donations of newborn baby clothes, Mum & baby toiletries, nappies and other essential baby items.
Any item(s) not suitable for our project can be passed to other agencies in the City who may be able to use them.

How many people use the project?

The project started in 2005 and has been widely used over the years.
We currently have over 200 members.
More than 500 children have benefited from the service since it began.
A variety of health professionals and agencies across the City refer parents to us.

I would really like to help, in what ways can I get involved?

Baby Basics is run by a team of volunteers who would benefit from extra help on a Thursday to support them in the smooth running of this project. There are a number of ways you could help:

Be a welcomer and chat to people who come to borrow equipment.
Support the team by fetching stock/toys from the store room.
Clean and repair items as necessary ready to go out on loan again.
Pray for the team, project and service users.
Promote the project and raise awareness of it to families, agencies, friends and church members in your local area.
If you would like to consider becoming a volunteer of Baby Basics or any of the Coventry City Mission projects please contact 024 7661 5931 and ask for a volunteer pack.